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now available for free! thank you to everybody for contributing and donating! if you want to throw money at anyone, all the artists are linked or you can donate to trans rights initiatives! after itch.io's payment fees, we donated 235.00!

thank you!


co-live, co-laugh, co-love 4 diyhrt.cafe aka clx3 4 diyhrtcafe is a collectively published comic zine produced by a group of queer and trans artist across North America for digital distribution, with proceeds going to diyhrt(.)cafe.

Artists: Lainey Williams // Em // Michi // Celeste // Han Olliver
Book Design & Co-Organizer: Natalie (me)

  • 17 pages of comics
  • full colour
  • A4 (8.27x11.69")

TW & CWs: None

Note: Since I am based in "Canada", itch does not charge tax on my earnings, so I am delighted to announce that 100%* of the proceeds will be going to diyhrt(.)cafe!

*100% of the proceeds pending shipping costs related to the art raffle, and the percentage that itch eats up in processing.


The wonderful Jade Zhang , has inked a lovely artwork to auction off!

Edit from dev log: Myself and Michi are also contributing artwork to the raffle for a total of 3 prize groups. Check out the dev log for details.

TO ENTER: If you donate $5+, you will be auto-added to the raffle!

The work will be shipped from Canada and shipping is covered by the artists. The raffle portion will end August 10th and the reference number associated with your purchase will be used for the draw where we will use a random number generator to decide the winner. You will be contacted within a week for your mailing address!

Comics will still be available to purchase until August 31, 2023. After that, the artists will do whatever they want with their work!

We will have the money math calculated by September 1st and funds donated by September 7th!

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